• Teeth Whitening or Teeth Bleaching

  • Many people are interested in whitening or brightening their smile. It seems like we receive more questions about bleaching than just about any other topic. There are many over-the -counter products that whiten teeth. Many people use these with varying degrees of success. Typically these products are not customized to the indivdual's teeth and are not available with professional concentrations of the active ingredient. At our office,we offer different options to meet the needs of our patients.

    Custom Trays

    With this option, impressions are taken and whitening trays are custom made in our on-site lab. The patient is shown how to load and use the tray. Usually, the trays are worn for a couple of hours a day for a week or two or until the desired result is obtained. Many times noticeable changes can be seen in just a couple of days. With the customized trays, the course of bleaching can be changed if the patient experiences any discomfort or sensitity.

    In-office Bleaching

    For those in a hurry, an in office procedure can be done. The teeth are isolated and a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth. The system used at our practice has been shown to brighten smiles up to 14 shades in the one application. To further enhance the bleaching, custom trays can be made for home use.


    It also must be remembered that only natural enamel and dentin are whitened with these procedures. White fillings and the porcelain of crowns and veneers are not whitened. Consuming coffee deeply pigmented foods will may hasten future discoloration. Usually in a year to six months it is necessary to use the custom trays for one to two times to touch up the bleaching