• Family Dentistry

  • Dr. Melanson is eager to educate you to give you the skills and knowledge to achieve and maintain good oral health.

    The Dental Examination

    Semiannual dental exams and dental cleanings are suggested for most children and adults. The frequency may vary depending on your periodontal (gum) health , your general health, and other factors. At your first with us your comprehensive exam will include taking a medical history. An oral cancer screening which will include an thorough exam of you mouth, tongue, and neck. Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and the way your teeth go together will be evaluated. Your periodontal evaluation will include taking measurements of your gums to determine your gingival and bone health. Your teeth and existing fillings will be carefully checked. Necessary x-rays will be taken to further evaluate your teeth and bone. Our office uses modern digital  x-rays which limit radiation exposure. After consulting with you about your dental concerns and needs we can develop a plan and course of action to take care of you.

  • Dental Cleaning

    For those without periodontal conditions that need more extensive treatment, a professional dental cleaning and polishing are suggested every six months. After a dental exam which includes screening for oral cancer radiographs may be taken. Usually, low dose digital x-rays are taken to look in between teeth to check for cavites once a year.  For children with developing teeth and those at higher risk for decay may have topical fluoride treatments.  Regular dental check-ups  and cleanings are the best way to maintain your health smile.

    It is strongly encouraged that patients brush and floss their teeth twice a day . Call us today at (860) 314-0519 or submit a request for an appointment online!

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    When you are looking for an outstanding dentist in the Bristol area, we really encourage you to contact us and make an appointment with us, our number is 860-314-0519. Our entire staff is committed to our patients. We want you to always be comfortable and informed about your latest dental options. Welcome to our practice!